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Are you summer ready? Achieving the body and health you desire requires consistency, hard work, and determination. Don’t allow another[...] Do you following my guidelines to planning, preparing, and executing to reach your health and fitness goals? If you do,[...]   Fit With Curves Mini Kettle Bell Workout Static lunges 20 Kettlebell shoulder press 20 reps Seal Jumping Jacks 20[...] Core Competencies Exercise and Aerobic Programs Training for athletic events Nutritional Planning Individual Assessment & Planning Weight loss Programs Weight[...]
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Sweet Potato Crust Pizza

sweet potato pizza crust, cheat clean, better cheat foods, nutritionist, fit with curves

Sweet Potato Crust Pizza Ingredients: 1.5 cup of mashed sweet potatoes 1.5 cups of almond flour or brown rice flour[...]

Exercise Planner and Meal Prep

fit with curves, tatiana scott, quinoa, nutritionist, houston personal trainer.

You know by now that you should be in-taking 6-7 meals a day to make sure that your metabolism is constantly[...]

8 Breast Lifting Exercises

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Is it possible to lift your breast naturally is the the question on many women’s mind and yes it definitely[...]

Squat Approved Pants by Kyodan

kyodan, squat approved pants, fit with curves, fit and curvy, squats, fit butt curvy, houston personal trainer

Curvy women don’t have many problems they say, but I’m not sure how much I agree with that. One huge[...]

Toning and Sculpting Your Arms

getting knots out of your muscles, fit and curvy, fit with curves, fit butt curvy, Tatiana Scott, fitness blogger

Shapely, sculpted arms are possible at any age. All it takes is working at it consistently. By consistently I mean[...]

7 Fit With Curves Snack Ideas

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Healthy snacks are closer than you think, it’s all about thinking outside the box and getting creative with your healthy[...]

Simply Organic Smoothies

ab roller, ab workouts, ab exercises, ab roller, houston personal trainer, tatiana scott, celebrity trainer

Smoothies will forever be a quick and easy way to get tons of nutrients in a cup. I have tasted[...]

Resistance Bands

houston, personal trainer, celebrity trainer, core strength, abs, tatiana scott personal training

Resistance bands and free weights can both help in building lean muscle, but have you ever wondered why not use[...]

Not All Fruits Support Weight Loss

fruits on the glycemic index

Fruits are great for you; however many of them have several nutrients that  can be found in other sources. Due[...]

7 Reasons Why Stretching is Necessary

tatiana scott, www.tatianascott.net, Tati's Breakfast pizza

Stretching should be a huge part of any workout so much so that the major components of your health should include building[...]

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